1. The advocates who desire to be enlisted with the legaladviceguru.com must have a minimum 10 years Standing at Bar.
  2. The Advocates who have specialization in some branch of law will be preferred.
  3. Once the interested Advocates have uploaded their bio-data on site that will not confer any legal right on them. Their enlistment will be subject to approval by the Managing Committee of the institution. Only after approval of their name by the managing committee, their enlistment will be confirmed.
  4. That the enlisted advocates on the website will be governed by the terms and conditions relating to them.
  5. The fee for advisory services will be settled with them as per the policy of the legaladviceguru.com. No case will be assigned to them for rendering advice unless the terms of advisory fee are settled with them.
  6. The enlisted advocates will have to maintain secrecy of the information to which they lay their hands during their working with the legaladviceguru.com. They are legally bound to protect the working secrets of the organization for a period of five years even after leaving the institution.
  7. The enlisted advocates will have to deliver advice within 10 to 15 working hours supported by judgments or law on the basis of which such an advice has been furnished by them. In Emergency cases, they can be asked to deliver legal advice even at a short notice.
  8. In case they are unable to deliver the legal advice within the stipulated time period, their name can de-enlisted by the managing committee without any notice to them.
  9. The terms and conditions in respect of the enlistment can be changed at any time by the management without prior notice. However, such change will be made effective prospectively.
  10. That the exclusive jurisdiction of any matter of dispute between the advocate and management will be of Chandigarh courts only and the jurisdiction of all other courts in the country and abroad are specifically barred.

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