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I got married on 20 January 2022 with Hindu rituals. How can I get my marriage registered.



As per the Hindu Marriage Act, 1955, following are the requirements for registration: • One can apply for marriage at any sub-divisional magistrate’s office; the offline application method can be initiated from there itself; the registration can be done online as well. The details are required after confirming your district/state. In the case of Hindu Marriage Act, one has to wait only 15 days for an appointment while it may extend to 30 days in case of Special Marriage Act. • The registration form must be duly signed by both male and female with a sound state of mind. Both the parties must not fall within any degree of prohibited relationship. • The second requirement for registration under Hindu Marriage Act, 1955 is any document that provides the date of birth of the individuals. The documents may be the birth certificate, matriculation certificate, passports, PAN cards, etc. • Two passport size photographs of both the parties are required, also one marriage photograph and Marriage invitation card (which although is not mandatory). • In a case where the individuals have converted to any of the religions which the Hindu Marriage Act, 1955 covers, the conversion certificate duly verified by a priest to the religion which the individuals have converted to, is also required. • The most important process for the registration to complete is the attestation of a Gazetted officer. All the above-mentioned documents must be verified by a Gazetted officer. • After the submission of all the above-mentioned documents duly verified, it shall be the duty of the district court to confirm and put a final thumbs up on the marriage registration of the individuals. Cost of registration: The basic cost of registration differs from state to state; it is however in between Rs. 100-200.