User asked:

What is the difference between WAQF AND TRUST?


Vijay Kaushal answered

(1) A waqf may be constituted only for those purposes which are recognized as religious, pious or charitable in Islam whereas, a trust may be constituted for any lawful object. (2) Except under Hanafi law, the founder of a waqf cannot reserve any benefit for himself, but the founder of a trust may himself be a beneficiary. (3) The powers of a mutawalli (manager of the waqf-property) are very limited as compared to the powers of a trustee. (4) A waqf is generally perpetual and irrevocable, whereas, a trust need not be perpetual and may also be revoked under certain conditions. Because of the above-mentioned differences between waqf and trust, the Indian Trust, Act, 1882, is not applicable to Muslim waqf sin so far as the nature and operation of waqfs are concerned.