Shalender Rana Adv (male, 38 )

Karnal ,Haryana



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Fee Structure

  • Phone Consultation Fees ₹ 2200

  • Meeting Consultation Fees ₹ 5000

  • Email Consultation Fees ₹ 2500

  • Video Conferences Fees ₹ 3000

  • Legal Notice / Responding to Legal Notice ₹ 2500

  • Review of Documents ₹ 5000

  • Drafting of Documents / Plaint / Petition ₹ 5000

  • Filing a Case in the Court ₹ 11000

  • Per Appearence on Hearing Date ₹ 5000

Weekly Plan

The Client will have the option to book 15 mins for the consultancy out of slot 1 or slot 2

  • Monday

  • Tuesday

  • Wednesday

  • Thursday

  • Friday

  • Saturday


Divorced Wife has no right of residence in the property of her ex-husband. In case she has not vacated the premises in her possession, she can be evicted by following due process of law.

As per the settled Law, provisional rent assessed by the Rent Controller has to be paid on the 1st date of hearing. You cannot be granted 2nd opportunity for making payment of the provisionally assessed rent by the Rent Controller. Further, no question of installments arises at all. You will have to pay the assessed rent in one go. Any shortfall in payment of assessed rent will result into your eviction.

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